What Are The Characteristics To Look Out For In A Good Realtor

28 Dec

It is believed that 20% makes realtors while 80% makes commissions.     What this means is that many people out there are not making as much as you would imagine. The conclusion of this study may not be true as there are some random decisions that can be made.      Some are making it in this realtor business.  Others are just there floating and they even end up doing many others because they tried hacking it in the real estate industry and failed.  

Get To Know Your Neighborhood 

I live in a neighborhood where there is this lady who has taken up the name of the suburb as her surname. She is in the real estate business and by taking that name shows she knows that estate all too well. She is aware of what is selling in that estate. She knows what property has been sold, at how much, the reason for the sale and who the seller is and where he has moved to.  She also gives an opinion of whether the property was sold at a loss or not. What we are saying is know your neighborhood. Know what is prime for sale and which is not. Do you think some area in your estate is not prime for sale?  Are there areas where the rentals demand is high? You should be efficient so that you can succeed in the real estate business. That means that you cannot spin tires if you can't move them.  Learn more about real estate at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate.

Talk To People

People do not have faith with the real estate sellers or the joliet il real estate agents. What can be done to build the faith? Cultivate good relations with good communication.  If you let your clients in on what you do it will not be hard to convince them.    

Be Reachable

Be responsive, if you get an email or call, reply to it. In some cases you may not be available always but endeavor to be reachable always. Set a standard of returning calls or emails and stick with it.  If you don't do that people will lose faith in your and you will also miss leads.

Look For Leads

Real estate agents joliet il know that they eat from lead generation.  There are several avenues for good realtors. Social medial, letter drops and referrals.  If you sell a house, ask for a referral.


Good networking involves keeping in touch with people even if it does not benefit you. If a petrol seller tells your he has a fridge that needs to be fixed.  Connect him to a fridge professional. If you connect with people they will also want to connect with you.

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